Ryan Card (Vocals), Quinn McGraw (Bass & Vocals), Robin Fussell (Guitar), Mason Dry (Guitar), Connor Smyth (Drums)

Carefully executing a narrative that spans the project's entire discography, Living Machines released their debut EP ‘I: After Onyx’ in 2018, produced by Nicolas and Amael of Novelists FR. Through cinematic soundscapes, voice acted skits, punishing instrumentals, and interwoven melodic intricacies, the band carried first-time listeners through the prequel chapter of their story, and set the stage for the accompanying comic book to be released the following year. The regional reception of their debut resulted in the formation of a core group of diehard fans they call the Initiative.
In fall of 2019, Living Machines self-published the first issue of their comic book series ‘Gemini: After Onyx’ through their independent publishing house Splice Comics. The book was written by founding member Quinn McGraw, illustrated by David Cousens, and lettered and edited by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou (Panel x Panel, Strip Panel Naked). ‘Gemini: After Onyx #1’ landed itself on shelves across comic retailers in Western Canada, and was featured on the front page of
With their position in the Western-Canadian metal scene established, and their cult fanbase the Initiative waiting for their next move, Living Machines kicked off the main story arc with their sophomore EP titled ‘II: Inferius’ in 2020. Given only a sliver of light to clutch as fans were dragged through Gemini’s dark underbelly, the progressive metal sci-fi group immersed listeners in a new and unforgiving world, introducing its main characters and preparing us for the long road ahead. ‘II: Inferius’ caught the attention of Alternative Press, Metal Injection, New Noise Magazine, and helped drive the sci-fi project to the forefront of the global stage. They even introduced a series of limited edition trading cards to accompany pre-order bundles, embracing their cult appeal.
When the pandemic hit, Living Machines adapted to their unpredictable circumstances by becoming a fully illustrated band akin to Metalocalypse and The Gorillaz. With the help of their comic book artist David Cousens, the band launched a social media exclusive web comic where they wander around the Gemini universe, releasing new music and enlisting fan participation in other comical antics.
Now, with three new singles ready for release, a new book currently in production, and a trading card game in development, Living Machines takes things in a more melodic direction with ‘Emeritus.’ Set in the spirit realm of Gemini called the Fabric, their new songs Disillusion, Dominion, and Desolation take us into the heart and soul of the troubled protagonist from After Onyx: James Gearheart.