Ryan Card (Vocals), Quinn McGraw (Bass & Vocals), Robin Fussell (Guitar), Mason Dry (Guitar), Connor Smyth (Drums)

Living Machines is a fully illustrated, progressive metal outfit that tells a science-fiction epic about the Gemini universe through their music, comic books, webcomic, and short stories. Its members are: Quinn McGraw, Ryan Card, Robin Fussell, Mason Dry and Connor Smyth.

Carefully executing a narrative that will span the project's entire discography, Living Machines released their debut EP ‘I: After Onyx’ in 2018. Through punishing instrumentals and cinematic soundscapes, the band carried listeners through the prequel story of Gemini. The following year, Living Machines published their first comic book ‘Gemini: After Onyx #1’ through their independent publishing house Splice Comics. Written by founding member Quinn McGraw, illustrated by David Cousens, and lettered by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou (Image Comics, Strip Panel Naked), ‘Gemini: After Onyx #1’ landed itself on shelves across Western Canada, and was featured on the front page of Comics Beat.

In 2020, Living Machines kicked off the main Gemini story arc with their sophomore EP ‘II: Inferius’. The progressive metal sci-fi group immersed listeners in a dark, unforgiving world, introducing more of Gemini’s main characters and preparing us for the long road ahead. The release of ‘II: Inferius’ caught the attention of Alternative Press, Metal Injection, New Noise Magazine, and helped drive the sci-fi project to the forefront of the global stage. The EP was also released with a series of limited edition trading cards, embracing their nerdy cult appeal.

In 2021, Living Machines decided to become a fully illustrated band akin to Metalocalypse and The Gorillaz. They launched a social media exclusive webcomic where they wandered around the Gemini universe, revealing easter eggs about upcoming releases, and enlisting fan participation in their comic antics. As the band wandered through Gemini, they released their 3 single chapter ‘II: Emeritus.’ Set in the spirit realm of Gemini called the Fabric, their new songs Disillusion, Dominion, and Desolation explore the heart and mind of the troubled protagonist from After Onyx: James Gearheart.

Now, with the final instalment of their second chapter ‘II: Superus’ approaching its release, and a new illustrated book that encapsulate all 3 EPs from this arc ‘II: Sacramentum’ near completion, we’re only catching a glimpse of the stories Living Machines have yet to tell us about the ongoing saga in Gemini.